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Eyebrows                £6.00

Lip                            £5.00

Chin                         £5.00

Lip & chin               £8.00

Under arm             £7.00

Forearm                 £10.00

Full arm                 £12.00

Back or chest        £15.00

1/2 leg                    £12.00

3/4 leg                    £14.00

Full leg                   £16.00

1/2 leg and bikini £18.00

3/4 leg and bikini £20.00

Full leg and bikini £24.00

Standard bikini     £10.00

Brazillian bikini     £15.00

Hollywood bikini  £25.00


        Airbrush tanning

An easy way to get tanned in

just 10 minutes leaving the skin

with an all over  glow for that

beautiful beach tan look!!!

Half body               £15.00

Full body                £20.00


A relaxing way to unwind your body and mind. It is a firm massage and drains toxins from the body

Full body massage              £30.00

Back massage                      £20.00

Head neck & shoulders      £20.00


                       Make up

Trial                                       £20.00

Bridal make up                    £40.00

Travel over 10 miles           £10.00



Eyebrow tint                        £6.00

Eyelash tint                          £10.00

Eyelash and eyebrow        £14.00


               Eyelash extensions

Beaded eyelashes last up to 1 to 2 weeks                                  £16.00


                       Hands and feet

Semi permanent gel polish on fingers and toes.

The 2-3 week manicure will not smudge or chip and dries instantly.

French / colour                             £22.00

soak off / file off                           £10.00

Soak off / file off and express manicure with colour                  £28.00

Soak off / file off and gel polish £22.00


                         nail art

A choice of designs with colour and glitter also patterns and gems of choice

Nail art                                             £2.50

Gems                                                £0.20


                        Gift vouchers

The perfect gift for friends or loved ones available on request

       Spa manicure / Pedicure

This luxury treatment includes a file and shape, cuticle work and exfoliation then followed by a massage and heated mitt with either a french or coloured polish.

Spa manicure                   £26.00

Spa pedicure                    £26.00



    Express manicure / pedicure

This express manicure includes file and shape, cuticle work, massage and french or coloured polish.

Express manicure              £17.00

Express pedicure               £17.00

File and polish on feet      £10.00

File and polish on hands  £10.00

Add semi permanent gel  £5.00

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